Monday, March 23, 2009

For a Short Time

This piece is in a book that I read earlier in my journey.... it has stuck with me.

"For a short time I had
Your body in my body;
I carried
your belly in my belly.

And now, though I have
your heart in my heart
and feel
your soul in my soul,

I will never again have
your hand in my hand.
I miss your life in my life."

By Johanna - April 27, 1989 - For her Angel, Sarah Rose


Lindsay said...

I was stopping by, to send some love and see how you are. You ok today?
If you ever need to 'talk' just type me a message or send me an e-mail
I hope you have peace in your heart today.
Much Love, Lindsay

Barbara said...

What a beautiful poem.

"I miss your life in my life".

Oh yes.


Fireflyforever said...

What beautiful words. They sum up the loss just right.

Can I just say, you have three beautiful sons. They are all just stunning.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful. Instant tears from me.

Nicholas is such a beautiful boy. I especially love his little red hair. He looks so peaceful in the photo. I wish he was just sleeping and not gone.

(My husband has reddish hair and we always wondered if our daughter Janaki would have black hair like mine or red hair ... of course red hair complemented with her Indian skin would have been quite cute/funny, but still. We'll never know now.)

I wish things were different and Nicholas (and our Janaki) were here with us.

Amy said...

A beautiful poem.

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