Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nicholas' Junior Kindergarten year

A new school has begun.

Evan's fourth grade year.

Kyle's first grade year.

Even Miss Madison is enjoying two mornings a week at a nearby nursery school.

Nicholas' would have been in junior kindergarten this school year.

I would be dressing him in his very best school clothes. He would look like a little man, backpack in tow, as we headed out to the bus stop.

We would chat about how much fun he was going to have... about the treats in his lunch bag. I would reassure him that his big brothers would look out for him and that he can always trust his teacher. I would draw an "xo" on his palm so he could take a mommy kiss to school.....

I would hold him close for one last hug before he made the big climb up the school bus steps. I would watch as he found his seat at the very front and pressed his little face against the window in eager anticipation. I would wave like a crazy mom and confidence would creep back in his eyes. And I would watch and wipe away a tear (or two) as the gigantic, yellow school pulled away with my precious cargo.

I am struggling with this.... how can so much time have passed since I held my baby boy in my arms?