Friday, March 20, 2009

Daddy Loves You

Your daddy loves you oh so much
I see it in his eyes.
Every time we speak of you,
He looks up to the sky.

We talk about you often
And wonder what you’d be
If you were down here with us,
With your family.

Daddy is so strong,
His strength surrounds us all.
We lean on him for comfort,
He doesn’t let us fall.

But daddy hurts so deeply,
He misses you so much.
He feels blessed to have known you
And to have felt your touch.

He’s proud to be your daddy
And to have held your hand in his.
He kissed and held you close that day
Forever you’ll be missed.

We love you buddy… xo xo


Rachael said...

So sweet. What a tender and sad photo of Daddy and Nicholas... hugs to you all. xxx

Unknown said...

I love it....

Anonymous said...


Carly Marie said...

Only Tears and Love x

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