Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mama Gorrila's Grief and Triumph

The following story is both heartbreaking and hopeful. We can all relate beyond words. Mama Gorrila's Grief

Very powerful.



Lisa and Jonathan said...

Oh my, I feel her pain. I couldn't stop crying while reading the article.

My Very Own Angel said...

Reading this broke my heart. Yes I can relate to it so much. I still think to myself, how I wish i could have taken Vayden home with me, I knew he was gone but his perfect lil body. Thank you for sharing.

Lindsay said...

How thought provoking.
It's comforting to me to see that even a gorilla momma's heart breaks when her baby dies..

Mary said...

The last picture of her holding her son was so heartbreaking. I had seen something similar on animal planet when an elephant was grieving over her calf. I was pregnant at the time and cried for her. Not knowing that would be me too.

Amy said...

My eyes filled with tears reading this. It is so touching.

Unknown said...

It says a lot.

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