Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blog Button?

Hi Ladies,

Does anyone know or have any suggestions on how to get a blog button? I'm still not very good at all this "techy" stuff.



Celia said...

Lea, I too am in search of someone to help create a button. If you come across anyone, can you help me out too? And, likewise, if someone comes to me I will turn them in your direction also.

I love the angel wings project that you have. I saved the picture of the ones you did for Noah but have yet to post about it. I think I will do that so everyone can see your creativity and your love poured out through this project.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I asked Kelly at The Beauty of Sufficient Grace and this is who she used. So I also
used her. It's about $25.00. We must of emailed back and forth 40 times. I was a complete idiot and just didn't get it. She was very patient with me. She did my "For Your Tears" button.

Unknown said...

I can help create one for you. I just need to know what you want and you'd have to get the design kit you want too.

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