Monday, January 9, 2012

Angel Wing Requests - Can't Keep Up

I have had to make a very difficult decision. Financially I am unable to keep up with Angel Wing requests. To date I have created and posted over 600 pairs of Angel Wings. As you can imagine, the materials and the postage add up quickly. It saddens me to realize that I am unable to continue to offer this incredible comfort to grieving parents as a gift.

I have been humbled by several generous donations in the past, however, they are minimal and I seem to exhaust the contributions on a wing by wing basis.

My thought is to continue to offer these special Angel Wings at a small cost.

As my loyal followers, I would love some feedback.

All my love,


lost--for--words said...

Oh Lea, I would love to see you continue to create the wings! I know how close this project is to your heart - You began so soon after losing your sweet boy and I can imagine how healing it must've been, especially in those early months, to be able to create a give something tangible to other parents who were experiencing the same kind of hurt... I would be so sad to see this chapter close, but can understand how costly it must be to keep up. I think charging a small fee for the wings would be the way to go. It is something I would definately find worthy of paying for, and I'm sure everyone else would agree too! (((hugs)))

KnottedFingers said...

I think charging a small fee is the way to go! I would hate to see you have to stop doing these wings <3 I have Calypso's up on my wall and I treasure them

Caroline said...

I know you will continue to donate what you can but I agree with the others that if a small fee can keep the angel wings going, it's the way to go. After all, you've seen how incredible a comfort they have been to people all over the world -a small fee won't stop that!

Hope's Mama said...

YOU are an angel.

Bree said...

You wings are so beautiful. Nora was carrying Ella's around today, in fact. I love them and think of you and Nicholas each time I look at them. I think they are definitely worth a fee and hope you can keep going, too. xo

crystal theresa said...

i agree that charging for the wings is not unreasonable to ask at all. these are such a precious keepsake, and i hope you are able to keep making them.

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