Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed a peaceful and gentle holiday. We are back into the swing of things tomorrow.... as the kids get back to school and we get some routine back to our lives!

I am thinking about entering a local writing competition and need your help! The topic is "Life Lessons". I wonder if any of you have a favourite post of mine that you think I could share??

I can't believe how difficult it is to begin writing when you know it's for a competition... usually I can write and write, but I am having a serious case of writer's block (not to mention a lot of self criticism).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Caroline said...

Your post from Apr 18, 2009 titled: TO GET SOMEWHERE, YOU HAVE TO LEAVE NOWHERE BEHIND,I think is worthy of consideration. Good luck & let us know which if any your choose!

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