Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Franchesca just posted a beautiful, heartfelt post called Unseen . The words she layed on the screen engulfed me and I found myself lost in world beyond this one. She speaks candidly about her emotions from within. The one's that don't overflow anymore. The one's that are hidden. The one's that sting. The one's that are purposefully unseen.

Franchesca has put into words what resides in my heart... the never ending tug of war between here and there.

"In moments of pure happiness I miss the child that should be in that moment celebrating with us too.

It doesn’t steal the joy of the moment,

Be what goes unseen to the rest of the world, is seen by me."

We just celebrated our oldest son's birthday. We just celebrated our beautiful rainbows 2nd birthday. Today, we welcome a healthy and happy new baby boy into our extended family. Christmas is around the corner and the excitement in the children's eyes is of pure innocence. All of it with just one very important person missing.

So many blessings. So much heartache. So much joy. So much ache.

So much laughter. So many tears... tears that are left to be shed behind closed doors.... "unseen".

Thank you, Franchesca for such a moving post.

Love to you all,


Unknown said...

Her words are def true and I feel them too ♥

seths mommy said...

Do you think she would mind if I copied them. The words are so very true

Sarita Boyette said...

We do have so much to be thankful for, but there will always be an empty spot. Fran said it beautifully. Love to you & yours & remember, I'm thinking of sweet Nicholas. xoxo

Carly said...

Those words are SO true. It is always there, the pain of one not here, and the joy of what we have. They are very difficult emotions to describe, but if you know, you know. Thanks for sharing this. Hope you are having a nice holiday season.

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