Thursday, November 10, 2011

Personal Letter - Included in Comfort Boxes

The following is the letter that I included in the Comfort Boxes

"I would rather have had one breath of his hair..
one kiss of his mouth..
one touch of his hand..
than an eternity without it.."

Dear Friend,

On November 7, 2008, our youngest son, Nicholas, was born peacefully sound asleep at 35 weeks gestation. In that moment our lives changed dramatically. We were blindsided. Our world stopped and we found ourselves walking a path saturated with immeasurable grief, desolation and uncontrollable sadness… a journey we never thought we would have to face.

The past three years have been intense, unpredictable and full of unimaginable grief, but they have also been filled with hope, inspiration and an incredible amount of healing. Although it is painful to not have Nicholas here with us, his spirit and his legacy have infused our family with indomitable strength and infinite love over the past 3 years. We remember him often, we honour him daily, we love him unconditionally. He is forever a part of our hearts and our souls.

It is because Nicholas has touched our lives so deeply that we were compelled to put something together to help other parents who are forced to face such a horrific loss. It is our hope that you may find comfort, love, understanding and eventual peace and healing within these special boxes. When we are forced to face the unimaginable ~ the loss of our babies ~ often tangible memories such as pictures, hand/footprints, blankets to take home… aren’t considered until it is too late. We hope that our packages can offer comforting options to help you memorialize your baby.

My friend, my heart breaks that you find yourself on this journey, one where I have walked and wept. Please be gentle on yourself. Accept support. Talk. Remember. Feel. Love.

I write in hope that knowing others have walked through this anguish gives you hope. Please know that you are not alone in what often feels like a very lonely journey. I hope that you can feel my arms around you as I weep with you.

Sending much love and strength to you and your family & remembering your son/daughter with you,

Leanna Reeves ~ Mommy to Nicholas


Kemayla said...

Very nice. That box and the letter would have been so helpful when I felt so alone and embarassed by the intensive feelsings.

Shannon Major said...

Simply beautiful!

Kate said...

Oh Lea, this gave me chills. I wish a beautiful letter would have been there for us on the day Zoe died. What a beautiful gift from Nicholas through you. My heart is heavy for all of those parents who are beginning their journey of loss. What a beautiful letter. I am sure this will bring them a piece of comfort during those dark hours.

Carly said...

Absolutely beautiful. I think the receivers will benefit so much from your kindness. I know I would have been so thankful if I'd been given something like this when I was leaving the nicu/hospital. Beautiful tribute/ gift from Nicholas.

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