Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Nicholas - Happy 3!

Hey Buddy ~ Happy Birthday!!

I have so much to say.. so much to update.

Your walk on Saturday was magical. Mommy and Daddy were blown away by the turn out of family and friends to share in such a special day and to remember and honour you. Our hearts could not have been any fuller as people continued to mingle down the hill to the gazebo... The sea of everyone dressed in red will be etched in my mind forever... I look forward to sharing pictures.. just have to sift through them..

I visited the hospital today and delivered some of the Comfort Boxes that we have been working so hard on. What a memorable visit... More to come on that too.

Today, my boy... my heart swells with love and it aches with sadness. Such as our life these days... a pure mixture of joy and grief. Your tiny, beautiful life has touched so many... makes mommy so proud of you.

I leave you with this today, my love:

Dear Nicholas,

Three years ago you flew up high
To play amongst the clouds.
We can’t believe it’s been that long,
Your life embraces us all.

Nicholas, my sweet boy,
We miss you more and more.
We dream of you, we speak your name,
As you continue to soar.

November 7th is here again
My heart feels so much pain.
You had the power to touch us all,
Our lives are not the same.

We’ll sing a song, we’ll eat some cake,
We’ll light your candle again.
We’ll honour you, we’ll remember you,
In sunshine and in rain.

For today we sing up to the sky,
And hope that you join in.
Each note, each breath is just for you,
Each smile, each tear is too…

You burn within our hearts, my son,
You have helped us do so much.
Happy Birthday…We Love You,
Thank you for your touch.

Mommy xx
November 7, 2008


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday Nicolas!

Caroline said...

Happy Heavenly 3rd Birthday <3 Nicholas <3

Sarita Boyette said...

Lea, sending comfort & love to you on Nicholas' birthday. I love the poem and the memory boxes you donated are beautiful. xoxo

Hope's Mama said...

Happy third birthday, sweet boy.

Carly said...

Happy Birthday sweet Nicholas.

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