Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nicholas' Touch - A Poem

Nicholas’ Touch – Two Years

Two years ago
You touched our lives,
Then flew high with a piece of our hearts.
You tiptoed in,
Quiet and pure…
And now we’re never apart.

Your legacy has grown and grown,
You’ve flown across the world.
I love to know you’ve gone so far,
Your soul has truly soared.

The pain of having you not here,
Softens day by day.
We wish that you walked right next to us,
But know you couldn’t stay.

You have work to do, our sweet boy,
Fly high and keep us safe.
We dream of holding you again,
And kissing your sweet face.

A little boy you would be,
Rambunctious and full of fun.
Although that’s not the way it is,
You’re an Angel above the sun.

Two years ago we met you,
We touched and kissed your face.
Two years ago we held you,
In a strong and long embrace.

We think of you so often,
Of what you could have been.
We dream of your reflection,
Of what you could have seen.

We’re grateful for your strength, my boy
You’ve taught us all so much.
Happy birthday, Nicholas,
Thank you for your touch.

Love you baby boy,
November 7, 2010


Barbara said...

Beautiful Lea.

Remembering your beautiful Nicholas with you.


Courtney said...

Oh sweet Lea, this picture gets me to tears every time <3 Always missing Nicholas

Dana said...

Beautiful. You have brought tears to my eyes.

Kate said...

Lea, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a precious poem for your beautiful son.

lost--for--words said...

Remembering Nicholas always XOXO

MEK said...

Remembering Nicholas with you. <3

Mary said...

This poem hit home. I will be thinking of you and little Nicholas.

Caroline said...

Beautiful , Remembering Nicholas always.


Lisette said...


Hope's Mama said...

Stunning. Remembering Nicholas always.

alliecat said...

Touching words. Thinking of you and your Nicholas this week and always. That photo is so heartbreakingly beautiful.

Allie xxx

Sarita Boyette said...

This poem is so poignant. Very touching. I mailed you a card tonight with a little something for the NICU fund. Hope it gets there soon. xoxoxo

dotalot said...

just read nicholas's story and i am crying and remembering him with you xxx

crystal theresa said...

This is a beautiful poem for your sweet boy xoxo Wishing you peace in the days leading up to his birthday ((hugs))

Unknown said...

A beautiful poem

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