Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nicholas' Race #2

Hey Everyone,

It's been a while... our computer broke down... had to be fixed... it's back and now it's time for....

Catch up!

I have been wanting to post about Nicholas' 2nd Angel Day for a couple of weeks now.

We drove up North to our cottage on the Friday night. It snowed like crazy the entire trip up! My husband and I just kept hoping that it was getting it out of it's system for Saturday and the race.

It was.

We woke up, November 6, 2010, to a breathtaking sunrise over the lake.

It was cold, so we layered, and layered, and layered.

We picked up 15 blue and white balloons on the way to the Race that morning.

Everyone took a turn scribbling messages to Nicholas.

We are so proud of everyone who participated in the race itself... including Nicholas' daddy!

I made ladybug cupcakes as a treat for after the race.

Then we released the balloons......

And something truly magical happened....

Can you see the "N" formation?

My beautiful sis-in-law captured this shot.

It continues to take my breath away....

All in all, the day was perfect. Positive. Heartwarming. Emotional. Beautiful.

We were comforted by the presence of family and friends who have shared in our journey. Who have been there through thick and thin. Who continue to be there in the joys and the sorrow.

Nicholas was there too. I know it. I felt his hand on my heart the entire day. He held me up. Kept me warm. Blew me Angel Kisses. He even sent me a ladybug ;)

And now... Presenting "Team Nicholas"


Caroline said...

Beautiful and Yes I can see the N !!
Love it


Unknown said...

That's really neat the balloons made a 'N' in the sky. Those cupcakes are cute and look really yummy!

Carly said...

What a beautiful celebration of an amazing little boy.

k@lakly said...

Breathtaking. What a love filled day for such a beautiful boy.
Thinking of all of you.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing day...and a beautiful experience. The N in the sky took my breath away too. Job well done on the ladybug cupcakes!

Mary said...

It's a wonderful event that you planned for Nicholas. It looks like he appreciated it too by making his presence.

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