Friday, April 9, 2010

What Might Have Been... What Is...

I was sent this poem by a dear, beautiful friend. She said she thought of us right away. As I read, my entire body is covered in goosebumps and the tears sting my eyes. My sentiments, exactly.

What Might Have Been...
What Is

I want what might have been...
And I want what is...
I want the child I do not have,
And I want the child that has come after.
I cannot choose
One or the other,
My heart wants both.
What might have been,
A sturdy lad,
Baseball bats,
Football helmets,
Squiggly worms on hooks
Dirt and mud and
Burps and booms.
What is now,
A charming girl,
Raggedy Anne,
Stuffed bears,
Curls and ribbons on hair
Tea and cookies and
Squeals and giggles.
How can I choose
From two blessings,
One gone too soon
One here by miracle?
I cannot...
But if I could...
I would want both...
What might have been...
And what is...

Lisa Sculley
In memory of Joey Sulley 7/16/ to 10/7/ SIDS and with love to Leslie Sculley, Born 3/19/


Caroline said...

So beautiful.

Unknown said...

I love it

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, that is heavy. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful. I can imagine how it applies *hugs*

Fireflyforever said...

I have goosebumps too. This is IT exactly (well, the other way around for me - missing my girl, loving on my boy).

Lisa Sculley said...

I am the author of this. Leslie is now 11... Joey would have been 18 in July. Leslie plays with bugs and worms, loves frogs, but also dresses in frills and bows... and she talks about the brother who is not truly her brother by blood and that she never knew .... as a natural part of her life. In a way, she has some of what he would have been in what she now is.

Lea said...

Lisa - thank you for the comment and for the beautifully said poem. I dissolved as I read it.... it hits home on so many levels. Thank you and love to you.


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