Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hope Love Peace Bracelett - remembering our Angel babies

Beading is a hobby of mine, at least it used to be. I have not been creating many pieces as of late. I have not had much interest in anything since we lost Nicholas except for making life as normal as possible for my two precious boys I have here. I am slowly getting back into it. While I am creating I am focused... and that seems to help ease the pain I feel inside.

The following is a bracelet I made for myself to wear... it symbolizes the joy we feel that Nicholas touched our lives and our hearts in such a profound way. The ribbon is the symbol for infant loss.... and the "hope" is for our future. Just thought I'd share.


Emily said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it. I have tried to make beaded bracelets but always have trouble with my crimp beads, lol.

alliecat said...

That is stunning, what a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery to wear and honour sweet Nicholas. xxx

Mary said...

This is a beautiful reflection of your love for Nicholas.

Zil said...

Beautiful bracelet. It is a wonderful symbol of remembrance.

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