Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Endless Mommy Love

A mommy’s love is endless
It reaches out of bounds.
I’d like to think it soars up to
The angels in the clouds.

Our baby boy is way up there
Watching over us.
I hope he knows his mommy’s love
Although we cannot touch.

I held you in my arms that day
And watched you as you slept.
I longed to hear your perfect cry,
I held you and I wept.

I cried because we would not share,
So many memories.
I cried because you had to go
And fly with angel wings.

I miss your body
Your heart, your soul
Growing inside of me
I miss your life within my life
I miss what we used to be.

Why couldn’t we bring you home that day,
Everything was done.
Now your crib sits empty,
Your teddy bears alone.

Our family feels incomplete,
Because you are not here.
We ache for our sweet Nicholas,
Please tell me that you’re near.

I pray for peace every day
And deep inside I know,
That love has a way of healing us,
That our love will only grow.

Thinking of you always….
Mommy xo
February 2009


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