Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nicholas' 6th Angel Day - Honouring and Remembering...

Nicholas' 6th Angel Day ~ Honouring and Remembering

Dear Friends and Family,

It is difficult to believe that our son, Nicholas' 6th Angel Day is approaching.  As much as time helps to soothe the soul, this time of year never fails to bring with it intense nerves and unexpected waves of grief.  Nicholas' beautiful face, his tiny hands that wrapped around his daddy's, his sweet, baby smell are all such precious memories.... we just wish there was more time.  Every year is hard.

Although this time of year is particularly challenging we also feel incredibly grateful that Nicholas' short life has been able to impact so many others in a positive way.  Nicholas' legacy is infectious.... he continuously wraps his family with unconditional love, peace and strength...

Every year our family chooses to remember Nicholas in a unique way.  This year we are honoured to share with you an incredible journey of faith, hope and love...  It is our wish that our son will be remembered as we also celebrate an amazingly beautiful person in our lives.

Please take a few moments to read the story at the link below.

As always, we thank  you all from the bottom of our healing hearts.

With Love and Gratitude,
Leanna, Jim, Evan, Kyle, Madison and Nicholas

"I would rather had had one breath of his hair, one kiss of his mouth, one touch of his hand, than an eternity without it..."


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