Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Butterbugs and Ladyfles

There is this ladybug.

Beautiful. Red. Tiny. Perfect.

It fills my dreams.

In my dreams this ladybug has wings.

Big, gorgeous, wings.

Like a butterfly ladybug.

A butterbug. Or a ladyfly.

The wings are a mosaic of colours. Bright. Soft. Gentle.

In my dreams it caresses my cheeks. Lights on my shoulder. Glides around on the breeze, yet never flys too far away.

It's antics are as if to tease me and I imagine Nicholas being a mischevious little boy who enjoys playing jokes on his mommy.

It's closeness fills my heart with comfort... for I know our little boy is never too far away.

It's touch allows me to feel him again, if only for a moment.

It's presence is a soothing reminder of the little boy I so desperately wish we got to know better.

Those are the things dreams are made of. Those are the dreams I never want to wake from.

Love you buddy. xx


Anonymous said...

very sweet!

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