Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blog Hop ~ Small Miracles

Thank you to Franchesca at Small Bird Studios for organizing this blog hop!

I just love the title of these blog hops ~ Small Miracles. Simple, pure, clean. Focusing on the little things means so much to me. Much more than it used to.

I have always been a believer. A believer that the path we are given in life is the one we are supposed to take. That the miracles and blessings that surround us along the way are special and we should hold each one very close.

Since losing Nicholas my belief has been shaky... My faith has been tested time and time again and yet, my heart still believes.

I believe in happy endings even through the pain.

I believe in healing hearts and butterfly kisses.

I believe in the sunshine and the warmth it lends my soul.

I believe in my children's laughter and that things will be okay.

I believe in the strength of my husband's embrace.

I believe in the power of our family's love.

I believe in sweet, baby Angels and the inspiration they embody me with.

I believe in small miracles.

I believe in me.


DandelionBreeze said...

Love your post... all beautiful thing to believe in. Hope will shine through to find the happy endings xoxo

Rachel said...

So beautiful! Really all I can say. You did a wonderful job expressing what you believe in. I am here visiting from the small miracles blog hop.

My New Normal said...


Caroline said...

I believe in you too!

Caroline said...

Love it , so beautiful !!!

Franchesca said...

I love this list Lea :) It brings me hope that we can still believe in spite of everything! ♥

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