Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Honouring Nicholas

Many of you may remember that last year we participated in a "Dirty Duathalon" on Nicholas' first Angel Day, November 7. Well, with the help of the same wonderful friends we will be taking part in the event again. I am so incredibly grateful to have such a positive focus in the days approaching Nicholas' Angel Day. They seem to be the most difficult. This week, two years ago, was when we received the devastating news about our baby boy.... the memories really hurt too much to remember. Having the Race to look forward to and honouring our boy helps immensely. Not only that, we hope to help some families and babies in need at our local hospital along the way.

The following is the letter I have distributed to family and friends who have walked beside us on this journey;

October 7, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

It’s very hard to believe that Nicholas’ 2nd Angel Day is fast approaching. He is remembered warmly each and every day. The raw pain of not having him here, with us, has softened slightly. His spirit and his legacy have infused our family with indomitable strength and immeasurable love over the past 2 years. The journey is a long and difficult one as we continue to heal, but, there is never any question that we are forever grateful to have known Nicholas. He has enriched our family immensely.

Many of you will remember that last year, on November 7, 2009, our dear friends, Marcus and Meagan Olson participated in a duathalon in honour of our baby boy. The day was beautiful and perfect. We were so thankful to have such a wonderful and positive focus on what was an extremely emotional day. This year, on November 6, 2010, we will again be participating in the same duathalon and dedicating the day to Nicholas. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful support system.

This year we would like to invite anyone who is interested in being a part of “Team Nicholas” to participate. Marcus will be racing in both the long (3.8K Run – 10K Bike – 3.8K Run) and the short (1.9k Run-5k Bike-1.9k Run) course. Nicholas’ Daddy, Jim, and Meagan will be pairing up on the long course.

The duathalon will be held on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at Sir Sanford Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario. The course is completely off road and is a mix of single track and open trails. If you are interested in participating please contact myself or Marc and Meagan directly. There is certainly power in numbers and we look forward to another inspiring day!

Last year we invited family and friends to donate to a very special campaign for parents and babies at Mt. Sinai Hospital (where we met and said goodbye to our son, Nicholas). We were overwhelmed with the response and incredibly touched to be able to help so many other families in Nicholas’ name.

This year we have chosen a heartfelt initiative closer to home. Southlake hospital in Newmarket, Ontario is where Nicholas was scheduled to be born and where our other three children were born. We have had nothing but positive and memorable experiences during our stays there. Both Evan and Madison spent some time in the NICU and were nurtured with exceptional care. It is for these reasons and many more that our family has decided to support Southlake’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit this year.

Jim, Evan, Kyle, our latest, beautiful blessing, Madison and I would like to invite you to support “Team Nicholas” in honour of our son, Nicholas Warren Reeves, on November 6, 2010.

By making a donation, in Nicholas’ name, to Southlake Regional Health Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit , you will be helping us celebrate Nicholas’ life, honouring his memory and supporting the many families and babies’ in need of urgent, excellent care.

Every donation provides hope. Every gift is precious.

Below are both the links to the “Dirty Duathalon” (registration information, cost, etc.) and Nicholas’ Honorary page at Southlake Regional Health Center.

Dirty Duathalon – please copy and paste link into your browser


Nicholas’ Honourary Page at Southlake Regional Health Center – Please copy and paste the link in your browser : ENTER “TEAM NICHOLAS” in Keywords and “NOVEMBER 6, 2010” in date: CLICK “SEARCH” and then “VIEW”AT BOTTOM OF PAGE: This will take you directly to Nicholas’ Donation Page


We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for taking the time to consider remembering our precious Nicholas in such a special way.

With Gratitude,

Marcus, Meagan, Noah and Finnley Olson


Leanna, Jim ,Evan, Kyle, Madison and Angel Baby Nicholas Reeves


Unknown said...

I'm glad you have something special like this to honor Nicholas.

Courtney said...

Like Holly said, I am so glad you all have something to honor sweet Nicholas!

I know the upcoming weeks are going to be hard for you and your family Lea, please know I'm holding all of you close to my heart

Cristin said...

It is such a nice feeling to feel so supported and supportive at the same time. It makes me feel good to know that we are taking our grief and pain and giving back. I think we honor our little boys that way.

Sarita Boyette said...

This is such a lovely thing to do for your Nicholas. Praying for you as these anniversaries of sad memories are upcoming.

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