Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Memorial

Dear Nicholas,

Tonight is the night, baby boy. Tonight is the Memorial at the hospital... the one Nana and I made 100+ Angel Wings for! Mommy is pretty anxious about the whole thing. I'm sure it will be emotional, but I am really looking forward to offering the wings to other baby lost mommies and daddies. We make them out of love for you and I am so proud to know that they may comfort others who are missing their Angels as much as we do.

I know you will be with mommy tonight.... I love you.



crystal theresa said...

Lea, you are so amazing! I know Nicholas is so proud of his mommy. Thinking of you tonight.

Jen said...

What a wonderful way to honor your sweet boy <3

Melissa said...

Good luck! What an amazing gift, thinking of you tonight.

dotalot said...

such a beautiful thing to do for other mothers, you are indeed a beautiful mother. i am sure you will find strength at the memorial. simply by helping others xxx anne

margaret said...

Thinking of you Lea, Nicholas too and hope tonight is beautiful and healing. Hugs

Jennifer Ross said...

What a beautiful token of love that you offer up to other hurting mother's.

God Bless.


Lisette said...

Nicholas must be so proud of you! Such a wonderful way to honor him and all the other little angel's. You are a blessing.

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