Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Maddie's bilirubin (jaundice) levels are coming down, but slowly. Too slowly for our doctor's liking. So, we go see a pediatrician on Thursday morning just to make sure we aren't missing anything.

I'm not worried...

Or at least that is what I keep chanting in my head.

Our doctor is fairly certain that the type of jaundice Madison has is called breast milk jaundice. If jaundice occurs or persists past the first week of life in an otherwise healthy and thriving breast-fed infant, the condition may be called "breast milk jaundice." It is probably caused by factors in the breast milk, which block certain proteins in the liver that break down bilirubin.

Great. My breast milk may be the reason she is jaundice.

Although it's irrational thinking... it's thinking all the same. As mommies we blame ourselves for the slightest "hiccup" in our children's life and I can't help but think that I am doing this to her.

Do I stop breastfeeding? Do I start her on formula right away?

Our doctor and all the literature says no. On the contrary, the best treatment is to nurse more frequently to increase her fluid levels and, in turn, can cause the bilirubin level to drop (which doesn't make much sense to me if it's the breast milk causing the high bilirubin levels in the first place?).

Maddie is nursing well and I have never had a problem with milk supply, so it's strange.

We look forward to our appointment on Thursday.... bring it on!

Will update.


Angela said...

My niece was yellow for several weeks, she was also breastfed. She never had any issues besides being yellowish. She is now a happy healthy 3 year old :)

Caroline said...

Praying for all and hope your appt goes great on Thursday.

Unknown said...

Oh poor thing. I hope she gets to "feeling" normal soon!!

Cheryl said...

This reminded me of when Caleb was an infant. I found blood in his diaper when he had a bowel movement. I called up the doctor and they said that it was probably an allergy to a food I was eating and because I was breastfeeding it was being passed on through my breastmilk!

After eliminating milk from my diet and then nuts from my diet the blood disappeared. I nursed him until the day that he died (17 months old) of an unrelated tragedy.

It is so upsetting to think that something that we or our bodies are doing can be effecting our children in a negative way.

It sounds like something that can be resolved pretty easily for you and Maddie though and for that I am happy. I wish you many happy months and beyond of breastfeeding :)

With love and hope,
We are Nine

Mary said...

I had a feeling that Lukas was jaundice but the doctor at his first check up said he was fine. She said that I should just put him in the sun (try finding sun in the Midwest in January). My brother and SIL were told to do the same thing after my nephew's first checkup in July because he was a bit jaundice. They eventually hosptialized him for one night and put him under a special light and he was fine. As for Lukas, by a miracle of God, we did get some sunny days in January. I actually had him in the sun a bit too long one day. If you look at his pictures in the latter days he looks like he has a tan. So maybe try that until you get in to see the doctor. It may feel better to be doing something while you are waiting.

Chris said...

Shes still sweet and precious, even when shes yellow(ish)! I dont think ive had to to say congratulations! And thanks for following Rosies story.
love from iowa

Bluebird said...

Hope those bilirubins come down soon! I just went through a similar situation with a coworkers newborn, I know it can be scary. Thinking of you all.

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